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✧ Forest Symphony ✧

Image by Thomas Bormans
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Welcome Forest 

Hello There, I'm Samantha.

I'm the creator behind Forest Symphony, an online sanctuary, community space and holistic education hub. I'm drawn to the magic that lives in everyday life, the sacred that may be found in the seemingly mundane moments of our daily  rhythms, and the possibility that emerges when we pause in the woods.

I've found that the more grounded and balanced I feel, the more wonder and magic I experience. When I'm tethered to the Earth and rooted in myself, I can fly free. I can feel the joy of a full breath in my lungs, moss underfoot, and the sparkle of the treetops as they sway in the wind.  I want to feel that sense of wonder, the silent symphony of the trees that lives deep in the forest. 

The classes, programs and offerings you'll find here are dedicated to that flow, the magic of the trees. You'll discover educational opportunities that are intended to offer you a space to grow your intuition, connection to your own magical, internal world, and a sense of balance from within. I feel that when we strengthen our connection to nature and the intuitive voice within ourselves, we're able to express the fullness of our true essence. Each one of us has an intuitive capacity. Each one of us has unique gifts. You're invited to deepen into yours and discover your own mystical, inner landscape. 

With Warmth, 

Samantha Halitzer

Online Learning Experiences

Image by Mr. Marco

Grounding Classes & Online Sanctuary Space

Image by Dani Costelo

Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts ✧ Monthly Program

Image by Gabrielle Cepella

1:1 In-Depth Intuitive Energy Work Experiences

Image by Francesco Alberti

1:1 Energy Work & Intuitive Sessions Online

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