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Wild Mushrooms

A Forest Story

You are invited to drop in and listen to the voice that calls from deep within; a voice that whispers among the trees, a sweet symphony you can hear rustling among the leaves. This is an etheric sanctuary in reverence and celebration of the Earth's intrinsic goodness as our home. This is a space to revel in the mysticism and beauty of everyday life. 

✧Welcome to Forest Symphony Sanctuary & School✧ 

The Sanctuary: Everyday Magic ✧ Mysticism ✧ Meditation


Every Monday, you can join the FS Sanctuary Space for a free offering led by Energy Intuitive & Forest Symphony Creator, Samantha Halitzer. Themes change weekly with different types of energetic practice, meditation, mystical explorations, and music & sound celebrations. 

The Newsletter: Magic is ✧Already✧ Here

Forest Symphony Updates & Stories from FS Creator, Samantha Halitzer.

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