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Forest Symphony  Sanctuary Space

Image by Dale Nibbe

Weekly Grounding & Energy Balancing Classes

A Guided Meditation Experience to Fortify Your Inner Landscape

Are you looking for a place to land when life feels overwhelming and the world seems intense? Are you craving rejuvenation and rebalancing? Do you want to feel calmer? Would you like to meditate with a community of people who also crave sweetness and calm?


The Forest Symphony Sanctuary Space is a weekly refuge, an etheric sanctuary we can return to when we’d like to feel more aligned with ourselves. It’s a practice of getting in tune with our own, individual energetic landscape. 


Every week we’ll practice grounding and guided meditations that are meant to support a sense of inner balance and fortitude. The intention is that you’ll learn tools and take time for a pause to feel dropped into yourself.

Image by Aaron Burden

What is Energy Balancing?

Energy balancing is a holistic method of calming and soothing one’s system that’s based in energy work and meditation. It’s about getting in touch with one’s own unique energetic “body” - and through different meditative and energy work practices, guiding energy to its natural “home.” As with most elusive arts, words can only take us so far. If you’re curious, we invite you to join a class. We live by the principle that experience is more potent than explanation. 

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What is meant by the term Etheric Sanctuary?

An Etheric Sanctuary is a term we use at Forest Symphony to refer to an energetic space, a sanctuary, we can return to time and time again. It’s a place where we’ve poured our intention. We may be meditating on Zoom, or perhaps watching the replay of a grounding class, and yet, there’s a sense of an etheric space that is the same, a place we live in together, outside of time and location. Every time we show up together and tune into this space with a sincere intention we strengthen this shared space, our Etheric Sanctuary

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Meet Your Instructor

 Samantha Halitzer 

Samantha is an Energy Intuitive who supports those she works with to uncover underlying emotional and spiritual causes for imbalances and physical difficulties. Her wellness perspective is holistic and her intention is for clients to integrate all parts of their being- mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. As an energy worker, Samantha supports clients to feel more aligned, balanced, and grounded within themselves, and with the Earth. The way a chiropractor supports bodies into alignment, Samantha supports energy into alignment. 


Samantha is certified in Alchemy Energetics, Magical Awakening, and as a Reiki Master. Samantha’s perspective has been influenced by time spent working and living at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, beginning in 2008, and Omega Institute in New York’s Hudson Valley, beginning in 2011. Samantha is inspired by the Druidic & Celtic wisdom traditions, particularly as they exist in reverence to trees. She also finds inspiration in the Scottish lore appreciation of nature spirits and an angelic presence. 

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Monthly events & gatherings that weave external, everyday realities with our deep, internal truths.

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