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Forest Symphony Classes & Programs

Education is a Life Path

FS programs offer unique educational opportunities that touch into the essence of what makes the heart sing and the soul soar - kindness, growth, innovation, creativity, excellence, holistic health, and an exploration of the natural world.

Image by Dani Costelo

Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts
Monthly Program & Community Online

Are you a sensitive soul who gets intuitive hits that are hard to explain? Do you sense the world is full of untouched magic? Do you sense a realm beyond the veil of time and space, but are worried you'll sound like you've lost your marbles if you share your insights out loud? Perhaps you're worried that by tapping into your intuitive well, people won't take you as seriously. Or maybe you’ve been overwhelmed by what you pick up on and haven't been sure where to go or who to talk to. 

If this resonates, you're invited to join Forest Symphony Sanctuary's Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts program, an online space to explore everyday magic, mysticism and intuitive living. 

Image by Dale Nibbe

Every Friday from 12-12:40pm EST, join this weekly sanctuary space & guided energy meditation. Led by Energy Intuitive, Samantha Halitzer. 

Image by Gabrielle Cepella

Intuitive Energy Reading

Monthly Session

A monthly session subscription for those that want consistent energy work, intuitive readings & unique benefits.

20% in Savings

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