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Image by Shane Rounce

Community Hub

Welcome to this online community for holistic learning, connection, and exploration. This is a place for those of us who have traveled around the world, or yearn to, in order to connect with holistic, sustainably minded groups of people. This is a place for people who are interested in the sacred and seek to find magic in the everyday.

We aspire to offer an online community center you can land at in between your travels, when you're looking to connect and practice with others. 

We'll start by offering daily practice opportunities via a Livestream feed - meditation, singing, yoga, and dance. At the beginning, there will be a sprinkling of classes with the intention to grow over time into a 24/7 Livestream you can drop into at any time. 

Down the line, we'll add in events, workshops, group activities, and shows. Inspired by the vibrancy of intentional communities and the magic that happens when there's a community center you can drop in on at any moment. 

We're here for the breaths in between, the pauses that happen in between travels & community life. We're here to express, to connect, to practice together. Join us at the Community Hub. 

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