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Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts

Support & Practice to Strengthen Your Natural Magic

Are you a sensitive soul who gets intuitive hits that are hard to explain? Do you sense the world is full of untouched magic? Do you sense a realm beyond the veil of time and space, but are worried you'll sound like you've lost your marbles if you share your insights out loud? Perhaps you're worried that by tapping into your intuitive well, people won't take you as seriously. Or maybe you’ve been overwhelmed by what you pick up on and haven't been sure where to go or who to talk to. 

If this resonates, you're invited to join Forest Symphony Sanctuary's Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts program, an online space to explore everyday magic, mysticism and intuitive living. It's a joyful learning space to explore the hidden gems of your inner world, so you may lean into the true potential of your gifts. It's a place both for those who are in their intuitive flow, as well as those who are still finding their groove. 

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"The secret, Alice, is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile. It’s then, only then, that you’ll find Wonderland.”

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Your Inner Landscape Is Ready to Blossom

Energetic Boundaries Are Sacred

When we ground in the Earth and replenish our own inner resources, we create a fertile inner landscape from which we can flourish. Through a combination of energy balancing, grounding, and exploration of everyday magic, we explore what it means to allow our individual, natural sensitivities to blossom into unique gifts. 

You’ll have the opportunity to connect to a soulful community, or you’re welcome to simply join the practices and stay on a path of solitude. We recognize virtue in both connection and nurturing the quiet world within. This is a community that welcomes and supports your energetic boundaries as they grow and evolve.  Sometimes connection is vital, and other times solitude in nature is the deepest sanctuary. 

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Every Month 

A Magical Workshop to Spark Your Intuition

On the first Sunday of every month we'll gather for a special themed community meditation and guided practice. This will include a grounding practice, energy balancing practice, discussion topic, and Q&A. 

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This Month's Magic

✧ July 7th ✧

Focus of the Month:

"Unseen" Beings

We'll gather for a guided energy balancing practice, grounding meditation, and a discussion about the aspects of earthen energies you most relate to. How do these earth energies allow you to perceive spirits of nature and other "unseen" beings our culture has relegated to mystery and folklore? We'll discuss nature spirits, fairies, devas, angels and other aspects of the "unseen" world. 

Join us live on Zoom on Sunday, July 7th from 2-4:30pm EST or watch the replay. Whether you join live or after the event, your meditation contributes to an etheric sanctuary & safe space we'll continue to cultivate as a community. Your engagement and genuine, kind intention is truly felt. 

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 Monthly Spark 

A Bonus Event Every Month to Connect

Each season will include 3 special bonus events: guest speakers, book discussions, musical experiences & magic hours (office hours with a mystical edge). These events are integration experiences where we practice what we've learned earlier in the month, as well as support our process. 

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This Month's Intuitive Spark Event


✧ July 28th ✧

Summer Season Book Club


We'll gather for a discussion of Encounters with Nature Spirits: Co-creating with the Elemental Kingdom, by R. Ogilvie Crombie (ROC).


There's never pressure to share, though there will be opportunities for connection & group learning.

Join us live on Zoom on Sunday, July 28th from 2-4:15pm EST/7-9:15pm UK or watch the replay.

*Please Note: An Amazon affiliate link is used here. If you use an affiliate link to buy a book or product, a small portion of proceeds goes to Forest Symphony instead of to Amazon.

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Meet Your Instructor

 Samantha Halitzer 

Hello Sweet Soul, 

Welcome to this space! My intention is to create a place of sanctuary, a community of kind-hearted souls who are excited to learn together. I’m motivated by a yearning to weave our external, everyday realities with our deep, internal truths. I’d love to see our deeper selves shine through, our natural, inner glow come to the surface.


I call myself an Energy Intuitive. I’m sensitive to the way energy moves both in the natural world and within humans. It is my perspective that everyone is intuitive. Everyone has gifts and ways they’re able to perceive that are totally unique. It is my intention to support others to feel more grounded, aligned, and balanced within themselves. It is from this supported space that we may  feel prepared to dive into the expanse of our potential. This program is about discovering your unique potential in a way that connects you to yourself, nature, and a soulful community.


My energy work journey began when I learned Reiki in 2012, and since then my work has expanded to teaching intuitive practices and providing 1:1 sessions to those who crave approaching wellness and education with a holistic perspective. My energy work certifications include Alchemy Energetics (2017), Magical Awakening (2012), and as a Reiki Master (2012). I’ve had magical experiences working with and learning from various respected spiritual teachers and medical intuitives. My perspective has been influenced by time spent working and living at the Findhorn Foundation in the Scottish Highlands, beginning in 2008, and Omega Institute in New York’s Hudson Valley, beginning in 2011. I’m deeply inspired by the Druidic & Celtic wisdom traditions, particularly as they exist in reverence to trees. I find inspiration in the Scottish lore appreciation of nature spirits and an angelic presence. Scotland is my spirit home and a place that sings to my soul. I’m fascinated by the way that land can speak to each of us differently. I love when people discover both their inner and outer places of sanctuary in the world.


My hope is that this program is a home for people who are ready to experience the world through a lens of wonder and discover the expanse of their own magical potential. It’s about safety and expansion in due measure, learning together, and all the while growing little seeds of kindness. 





Are You Ready

To Join? 

We'd love to have you!

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✧ Join the Magic ✧

Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts



Every month

Monthly events & gatherings that weave external, everyday realities with our deep, internal truths.

Valid until canceled

✧ Monthly Workshop & Intuitive Learning Experience

✧ Seasonal Book Club, Musical Experience, Guest Speaker

✧ Online Group Information Hub

Have a Question?


What if I can't make the event sessions live and can only watch the replays, is it still worth it to join?

Yes, we believe so! The replays contain educational content in addition to interactive exercises you can practice on your own. 

In addition, you will be contributing to and joining our etheric sanctuary. "What's an etheric sanctuary?" you ask. It's our way of referring to the meditative & energetic space created when we all tune into the same energy and hold a similar intention.

What is the monthly event schedule?

We meet for the Monthly Intuitive Workshops on the first Sunday of every month at 2pm EST, which is 7pm UK time and 11am PST. If you can only make one event live every month, we recommend coming to this one.

The Bonus Events - like book clubs, musical experiences and guest speakers - will be on the 3rd Sunday of every month, most likely at 2pm EST, depending on the availability of the guest performers/speakers. 

Do you offer financial assistance?

We do our best to meet the needs of those who feel this program is a good fit. Please fill out this Bursary Application Form and we will follow-up with you shortly. 

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