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Your Business Is Ready to Blossom

Do you want to get your business off the ground, but don’t know what to do next? Perhaps you’re unsure of the difference between branding and marketing. Do you suspect that there are great opportunities to get your work out into the world, but you're not sure where to start or what’s best for your specific needs? Or maybe your business is already blossoming, but you’re ready to expand or pivot and you'd like a little direction. If any of these descriptions resonate, I’d love to connect.

Intuition & Business: About

A Thoughtful Approach to Business

With Branding & Marketing Consultant Samantha Halitzer

For more than a decade, I've worked as a Holistic Brand Manager & Marketing Consultant for holistic centers, wellness studios, holistic practitioners and creative entrepreneurs. I am passionate about helping value-based businesses thrive! I value conscious consumerism, thoughtful economics, a creative approach to business & life, and treating people with kindness. My approach to business consultation is both holistic & intuitive. I like to ask, "What is best for your business as a whole?" There’s no one size fits all. Marketing has endless potential, so how you spend your time and energy matter. I believe that incorporating who you are, an honest understanding of the way you work and how your business runs into your strategy provides the greatest potential for your business to thrive. 

Intuition & Business: About
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