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Holistic Business Growth

A solution for caring people with an important message.

Branding & Marketing for Wellness Providers + Creative Businesses

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Your Business Is Ready to Blossom

Do you want to get your business off the ground, but don’t know what to do next? Perhaps you’re unsure of the difference between branding and marketing. Do you suspect that there are great opportunities to get your work out into the world, but you're not sure where to start or what’s best for your specific needs? Or maybe you’ve been at it for a while, but you’re ready to expand and just want a little direction. If any of these descriptions resonate, I’d love to connect.

A Holistic Solution to Marketing

With Marketing Growth Consultant Samantha Halitzer

For more than a decade, I've worked as a Holistic Brand Manager & Marketing Consultant. I approach business as I do with life, with a holistic perspective. I value conscious consumerism, thoughtful economics, a creative approach to business, and treating people with kindness. My approach to marketing is also holistic: I like to ask, ‘What is best for your business as a whole?’ There’s no one size fits all. Since marketing has endless potential, I find that it’s much more gratifying to do what is personally resonant and fits one’s individual needs. I believe that incorporating who you are, your schedule, and an honest understanding of the way you work into your marketing plan has the potential to set you up for success as well as job fulfillment. 

Most importantly, I am passionate about helping value-based businesses thrive! I want good, creative people to be paid well and see a return on their investment of time and kindness.

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After more than a decade of experience with holistic organizations, retreat centers, and creative entrepreneurs, I have learned that the biggest barrier to marketing success is the lack of clarity and understanding of what is actually needed. Marketing is a job unto itself. Though we have many tools allowing us each to market ourselves, doing so effectively and joyfully is another thing altogether. With my unique background in holistic education, my work as an intuitive consultant, and a decade of experience, I have learned how to streamline marketing consultation. Since the best tools provide a sense of empowerment, these offerings have been cultivated with the most potent impact for your valuable resources of time and budget. 

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The Offering

(1) Guidance & Support

Q&A Consultation Sessions on Zoom

In a small group setting, this is a regular opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered. In order to market effectively at any stage of business, we need a clear sense of our objectives, goals, and voice. There's truly a magic to a group environment. It begs that you hone your question and we get to the heart of the matter. I've been blown away by the beauty & impact of these small group sessions and have found them to offer an accelerated shift for businesses.

(2) Information & Resources

Monthly Newsletter

I spend hours upon hours researching best practices - for both business & holistic living. In this space, I am happy to offer you the most up-to-date resources & information to help grow your business joyfully. Based on the group's questions and needs, you will receive a monthly resource newsletter filled with recommendations and freshly discovered information to support you in solving pressing business, marketing, and branding questions. I will also include lifestyle resources when they may relate to improving your business practices holistically.

(3) Benefits 

Priority & Discounts

As part of the Holistic Business Marketing Program you'll receive special benefits & discounts throughout enrollment:

✧ An invitation to a forum designed specifically for members of this group to continue connecting outside of group sessions. 

✧ A 40% discount on 1:1 marketing consultation sessions (pending availability, limit 1 per month). 

✧ Priority booking for 1:1 sessions. 

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Why did you decide to offer marketing consultation in this way?

(1) I've been consulting 1:1 with clients for more than a decade. Yet, some of the most powerful business transformations I've witnessed have arisen from group Q&A sessions. There is truly a magic to the group dynamic. The right person seems to show up at just the right time, another person's question leads us to the answer we actually needed, and a community of people forms from shared creative ambition. It's a connecting and humbling experience to realize we're in this together.

(2) High quality business consultation can be cost prohibitive - especially when you're first starting out. This package allows me to help more people at a fraction of the price that you would normally pay, in a way that I feel is quite powerful.  

What are your skills & background?

I have worked as a freelance consultant for over a decade supporting educational and holistic brands with writing, marketing, and brand management. I specialize in working with holistic organizations with an ecological and/or spiritual bend, and creative entrepreneurs.

Some highlights include:

✧Omega Institute + Omega Digital

✧Findhorn Foundation


✧Bowery Yoga + Mentea

✧Valhalla Movement

✧The Teaching Well

✧Culinary Artistas + Club Artistas

My skill set includes:

✧Brand analysis, branding, brand management

✧Marketing (including social media marketing) 

✧Content writing, copywriting, creative writing

✧Editing & proofing (US & UK)

✧Project management & event planning

✧Public relations 

✧SEO basics & keywords

✧Video & podcast pre-production.

Additionally, my intuitive sensibilities allow me to offer highly individualized evaluations & recommendations. 

Who is this for and what kinds of questions are appropriate?

This is for creative and holistically-minded individuals and businesses. This is for people who are ready to progress their business, and get their message out into the world. This package meets you where you are - whether that’s the beginning of starting a business or you’ve been at it for years.

You are invited to bring questions about:


✧Business marketing


✧Social Media

✧Websites & Online Presence

✧Event Planning & Promotion

✧Next steps to grow your business

✧Strategizing financial success

✧Monetizing your creative abilities

✧Business growth/organizational tools

✧Creating healthy work habits 


Next Steps & Pricing

Seasonal Membership

$249/Month, billed every 3 months

(Approximately £185)

Monthly Membership

$275/Month, billed every month

(Approximately £200)

Free Consultation

If you've loved what you've read and are interested to take the next step, please reach out to to receive a free 45 minute consultation session with Samantha. No obligation required. This is a chance to see if you are a good fit for the program.

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