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A Forest Symphony Awaits

News from Deep Within the Forest - A Name Change + New Offerings

If you've visited this online space before, you may be wondering, "What gives, I could have sworn this place was called 'Holysticks'!" And, indeed, you would be correct.

It was time for a transformation, and the name 'Forest Symphony,' had been calling to me from the ethers for quite a while. I knew it would be the container from which I offered meditation, intuitive sessions, and holistic learning opportunities, I just didn't know when or how. As the 2022 new year approached, though, something shifted and I realized it was time for this space to have more focus, more insight into itself. It just felt too general. I realized that this space was the foundation for F.S. all along.

I also realized that I needed my own voice to shine through more clearly. Once the space was given greater clarity, I knew where I belonged. This is still very much a community offering, and a hub for connection. As time goes on, more offerings will be added. You can anticipate a trickling in of classes, goods, and connection spaces. In the meantime, reach out with questions & requests- I love to hear where you're at and what would serve you!

Topics I'm particularly keen to cover include:

✧ Magic & Mysticism in Everyday Life

✧ Holistic Education & Alternative Educational Resources for Adults, Teens & Children

✧ Creativity & Intuition

✧ Trusting Your Intuition & Your Own Inner Sense of Knowing

✧ Literature as a means to reimagine a better world

✧ Grounding, Safety & Intuitive Exploration

✧ Energy Work & Intuition for a greater sense of calm

✧ Exploring Your Unique Intuitive Gifts

Drop a line to to say, "Hello!"

From my heart to yours,


You can read more about Forest Symphony Sanctuary here.

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