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Lilac Week Is Here!!!

Celebrating Nature's Ephemeral Gifts

Do you take the time to experience the magic of the lilacs?

Lilac time is a brief period of 1-2 weeks during springtime when the lilac bushes blossom and their fragrant magic perfumes the air. It's a time in the wheel of the year when the natural world bursts open and the endless possibility of the season is upon us.


How does such a natural gift allow us to ground more deeply?

A Lilac Spring at Forest Symphony

What's so special about a Lilac, you say?!

Lilacs not only smell wonderful & look beautiful, but you can eat the blooms! My favorite way to enjoy them are in a lemonade, a drink that allows their ambrosial intoxication to enliven the senses.

The magic is to enjoy this beautiful flower while its blooms are fresh. Depending on where you live, the lilacs may be lush, just arriving, or even on their way out for the season. A sweet treat to be treasured for its natural gifts.


How may such an enchanting bloom support us to balance & ground?

My dreams this week have been wild and vibrant - in good and bad ways. Last night, while feeling uneasy in a half-awake, but still dreamy state, I decided to focus on the lilacs. For me, this plant sparkles and lights up my inner world. Due to the focus and intention I've put into honoring the lilac and my lilac creations, the flower helped to ease my being into a restful slumber. Perhaps the lilac bushes don't sing to you the way they do to me, and yet, each of us has our own plants, our own aspects of nature, that call to us. How can you tune into the natural world for comfort, ease and growth? What plants sing to you?


We'll explore this topic in this week's Grounding & Energy Balancing Class on Zoom. You can sign up for class here, or register for the video replay here.


Lilac Dreams,




What's Happening at the Forest Symphony Online Hub this Spring?

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