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Samhain Event This Sunday ✧ Online + In-Person

Join us in the Hudson Valley along with Saugerties Yoga to gather as a Sisterhood.

We've been quiet here for many moons, and behind-the-scenes magic has been a-brewin'. This Sunday we're supporting the Silver Spoons Collective, a sisterhood of women based in the UK who are hosting a magical event based in Hebden Bridge, UK. The invitation is simple & heart-warming:

"On Sunday 31st October, gather your sisterhood in your home, in your community centre, in your sacred space, a few of you or lots of you, numbers don't matter, create a beautiful altar in honour of your Ancestors and join our global ceremony on Zoom at 7.30pm {UK time}. Once gathered, we will guide you through an honouring ritual offered to us by our "Witch" Ancestors. It is safe and gentle and may bring powerful healing to you and your Ancestral lineages." ~ Silver Spoons Collective, Online Event Page Here

The Silver Spoons Collective is a sisterhood of UK-based women working to heal ancestral wounds of the Burning Times. By shining light on the history of women burned as witches, we can release the stories of the past that have kept women small and in competition with each other. The Collective is working to bring women together in a space of support, joy, and wisdom.

For the Hudson Valley, NY gathering, please join us in Seamon Park at Saugerties Yoga's outside practice space, from 2pm - 5pm EST this coming Sunday, October 31st (please note, this accounts for a 4 hour time difference from the UK this week). There will be a meditative journey, sharing of stories, and then we will tune in to the larger global gathering online for an ancestral honoring ritual.

You can register for this free event here, and you will be emailed directions and info. Feel free to join in for as little or as long as you'd like. While this event is designed for women, everyone is welcome. Whether you celebrate Samhain every year, or this is the first time you've heard of such a thing, you are very welcome.

If you can't join us in person, you are welcome to join the event online for a Global Gathering of Women starting at 3:30 EST by registering here.

To follow the thread after the event, the Silver Spoon Collective is debuting a month-long exhibition at the Storey Institute in Lancaster, UK in January 2021, titled ‘I am Witch – Tales from the Roundhouse’. Through their personal stories, the exhibition curators will explore how inherited trauma from the Burning Times continues to affect us today, and how we can heal it through creativity and sisterhood.

If this work intrigues you or you'd

like to find a way to support the work of the Silver Spoons Collective, you can follow along for more information:

In the news! Check out the article here.

Samhain Online Registration here.

Hudson Valley Samhain Event registration here.

Image Credit: Emma Griffin @sacred_space_cornwall for the Silver Spoons Collective.

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