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Connecting to Earth Energies

Summer Workshops Announced

Are you someone who senses the world deeply and wants to learn more about your own intuitive capacity? Are you seeking to feel more situated within yourself as you expand into your intuitive potential? Forest Symphony's Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts program may be a soft space for you to land.

The Theme for this Summer is Connecting to Earth Energies.

June Focus: Your Inner Earth Landscape - A deep dive into your inner realm and the aspects of earthen energies you most relate to.

July Focus: "Unseen Beings" - How do the aspects of earth energy you connect with allow you to perceive spirits of nature and other "unseen" beings our culture has relegated to mystery and folklore? We'll discuss nature spirits, fairies, devas, angels and other aspects of the "unseen" world. 

August Focus: Sacred Sites & Mystical Places - We'll discuss the places on this planet that sing to our souls. What is a power point? What are ley lines? How do we find our soul homes on this Earth?

You can join anytime of the year, though this coming Sunday will be the first of our summer workshops. As always, if you can't make it or just prefer to learn on your own, you can watch the recording that will be sent out to members of Nurturing Your Intuitive Gifts.

The program is a monthly subscription and each month includes 1 workshop (typically on the first Sunday of the month) and 1 bonus class (typically on the 3rd Sunday of the month), and the recordings for the workshops & classes. The recordings will remain available for at least one season following the day it was recorded.

Are you ready to try a class?

Are you on the fence? If you're trying to figure out if this program is right for you, for any reason, please email Our only wish is for people to join if it's a good fit, so there's never any pressure if you ask questions and discover it's not for you.

If you're all in, but you need financial assistance, please apply for a Bursary here.

*Please Note: An affiliate link is used here. What does that mean? If you use the affiliate link to buy a book or product, a small portion of proceeds goes to Forest Symphony instead of to Amazon. 

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