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Magic Unfolding, An Invitation

As the sun rises on a new year, a walk through the woods offers a freshness of perspective. This is an invitation to magic unfolding, to curiosity, to dig into the everyday moments that make life mystical & meaningful.

I have found one of the surest ways to become healthier and more joyful is to begin making new choices - more thoughtful choices, kinder choices, more grounded choices. You do in fact posses this power, despite any inner rebellions that may arise. Simply put: to redirect and actually start living the way we sense will bring us joy and freedom. For me, this lies in education, but not in the way we've been taught in school.

I believe education is a life path. I believe in holistic education - an ever-evolving way of life that leads us to our wildest, most breathtaking realization of the human experience. I believe in releasing both belief and disbelief in order to allow ourselves to listen to the voice we hear from within. The voice that whispers through the treetops and calls to us clearly when we choose to listen. I believe our experience of life is a choice and that we can surmount more mountains than we ever imagined when we make a choice, deeply, within ourselves. Only when we release the notion of belief are we able to witness ourselves enough to discover our truest notions of reality, what we actually believe. Is it possible that the surest way to discover our beliefs is to release them?

What if we made small inroads on a daily basis towards living more sincerely, honestly, and joyfully in connection with ourselves? And, pray tell, what does that even mean?

This is an invitation. I invite you, all of you, from whatever walk of life you join me from, to drop in and connect to yourself. Whether you think so or not, I believe you are worthwhile. I believe you deserve love. There is nothing you need to do to earn this. I believe you can experience everyday joy ~ a butterfly floating by, the sun rising in the morning, the dew after a day of rain. These everyday moments of wonder make life magical.

I say, you need not approve of others, their choices, or their lifestyle. Even so far as their choices affect you. It is worthwhile to begin by approving of yourself. I urge you to endear to yourself privately, and your brilliance will radiate publicly. Make it about your inner world first. Nurture that space and you will have no choice but to flower. The person you are when all else drifts away; that person is deeply worthwhile. This is an invitation. Join me as we connect to ourselves and learn together.

Holysticks is a space, an online 'place,' where there will be offerings and educational opportunities available. In the Community Hub there will be opportunities to share your own offerings, practices, and joys. I look forward to creating a community of people alongside you, a group that seeks to thrive by coming into alignment with our deepest truths. There will be meditation, holistic business offerings, classes, and events. I'm curious to see what will develop, grow, and change.

Cheers to a majestic new year where the magic of everyday living grows brighter with each sunrise!



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